We have completed the supply, installation and commissioning phase of an Online Monitoring System for 30 rotating equipment for a client in the metallurgical area.


The system in general allows us to establish predictive maintenance by analyzing vibrations and state variables in rotating machinery such as compressors, pumps, fans, motors, etc. avoiding any unforeseen stoppage due to failure, thus obtaining more reliable and available equipment.


The main feature of online monitoring is the continuous and permanent measurement of vibrations through sensors strategically installed in the rotating equipment to detect any possible failure in time, saving not only on repair and corrective maintenance costs, but also increasing the profitability of installation by making the most of the remaining useful life of the machines. In addition to being automated, it is remote.


A breakdown evolves until it becomes catastrophic. If we detect it in time before its evolution, we can plan and carry out the appropriate corrective measures, making staff planning and the provision of spare parts more efficient. A better understanding of the failures, in time, will help us in identifying the improvements that we can introduce to increase the useful life, or at least to minimize the adverse consequences of the failures in the production and safety of the installation.


At Talleres Haizea SL we advise you, we work with highly specialized personnel and state-of-the-art electronics.



Two other high pressure air dryers ready to be sent to clients outside our borders. This time we supply a dryer that handles an air flow of 1620 m3/h (27000 l/min) and another up to 4020 m3/h (67000 l/m), both to work at 40 bars (580 psi) of nominal pressure and with a dew point of 3 ° C.


Air Dryers are an important part of compressed air systems, at Talleres Haizea Compressors Technology we supply the appropiate dryer to guarantee dry air, complying with the requirements, suitable for use in industry, both in high and low pressure. We also provide service with highly trained personnel.



Air dryers service


Heat exchangers installed in reciprocating compressors are normally exposed to fouling and will need to be inspected and cleaned periodically as a light layer of dirt on tubes will reduce their efficiency: increased pressure drop or poor performance, and may lead to failure. major such as leakage, corrosion, breakage, etc. both in the tube bundle and in the housing.


At Talleres Haizea Compressors Technology we supply, maintain and repair your exchanger as part of our comprehensive compressor service.


With your heat exchanger in optimal conditions, we ensure adequate heat transfer to the operating conditions for which your compressor equipment was designed, maintaining the operational parameters and extending the useful life of the components.


Damaged heat exchangers



New heat exchangers



New heat exchangers


We recently completed the installation of another room management outside our borders, this time for one of our clients in Central America.


As part of our Room Management and Energy Saving Project, with this device we manage the 4 compressors that add up to 2 megawatts of power, centralizing the control from a main cabinet where all the operational data, alarms and shutdowns of each machine are collected and are displayed on the touch screen and controlled more efficiently and safely.


At the same time, we achieved significant energy savings by including the RFESD_17 project also installed in the compressors. With the RFESD_17 we control the capacity of each compressor, avoiding as much as possible the no-load consumption.


With this room management we have modernized, more efficient and energy-saving equipments.



At Talleres Haizea Compressors Technology we have become your reliable supplier of spare parts for your ABC compressors.


Our warehouse has a large stock of spare parts that allows us to make many deliveries immediately, with the spare part that your compressor needs at each corresponding maintenance interval.


We supply from piston rings, rider rings, packing rings, oil scraper rings, gaskets, valves, filters, pistons, piston rods, etc.


Our prices are highly competitive as we source directly from OEM manufacturers worldwide.

We are at the forefront of optimization and improvements both in materials and in designs and latest technologies that are released everyday to the market and our own solutions that seek to be more and more efficient, minimizing leaks and giving longer life to the elements and your compressor.



You no longer have to throw away your ABC compressor cylinder due to wear problems because at Talleres Haizea we recover it, avoiding the expense of having to acquire a new one from the manufacturer at a high cost.


In a reciprocating or piston type compressor, it is normal to find failures caused by wear or mechanical deterioration of the cylinders, which generates efficiency losses, high temperatures, premature wear of the rings, among others.


With a material supply and machining procedure, using special techniques such as electrolysis and suitable materials, we deliver your cylinder in standard conditions for a new life cycle with a minimal investment compared to buying a new one.




At Talleres Haizea Compressors Technology we currently have another second-hand compressor for reconditioning, optimization and sale.


The compressor model 4HA-4-TER-LT , 160 kW, 4 cylinders-4 stages, air discharge at a nominal pressure of 42 bar (609 psi), not lubricated in the cylinders. Includes PLC with touch screen, integrated air dryer for 3 ° C dew point, integrated final cooler, 1000 liter tank.


The equipment is being reconditioned and tested by highly trained personnel at Talleres Haizea.


The compressor equipment is offered with Variable Speed or with Fractional Regulation 0-50-100% for energy saving, according to the client's requirement. To request information please contact us through our website.


At Talleres Haizea Compressors Technology we have acquired a second-hand ABC compressor for reconditioning and sale.


It is an equipment manufactured in 2007 with just 1253 hours of operation, it is presented as an almost new equipment that we are modernizing as part of our optimization proposal, making it more efficient and economical in energy saving.


Model 4HA-6-TER-LT, 315 kW, 6-cylinder-4-stage compressor, discharges air at a nominal pressure of 42 bar (609 psi), with no greasing in the cylinders. It includes PLC with touch screen, dryer for a dew point at 3 ° C, integrated final cooler, 1000 liter tank and electrical cabinet with variator, and our proposal for fractional regulation 0-50-100% that generates savings of up to 18% energy. In addition to the integrated variable speed drive, we managed to generate a flow between Qmax = 1709 m3 / h and Qmin = 427.25 m3 / h in load, achieving greater energy savings by adapting to consumption needs.


To request information please contact us through our website.


Aware of the need to save energy and the subsequent economic savings involved for our customers, along with our commitment to the environment, we at Haizea Compressors Technology have upgraded a 315 kW, 6 cylinder-4 stages, 42 bars air discharge (609 psi)(used) second-hand compressor group model 4HA-6-TER -LT, without any lubrication in the cylinders (unlubricated), fully prepared and tested at Haizea Workshops for subsequent sale and start-up. It includes a PLC with touch screen, dryer, 1000 litre tank and an electrical cabinet with variator.

We adapted the original 0-100% fractional regulation system to our 0-50-100% development, generating energy savings of up to 18%. Apart from an integrated speed variator, we managed to generate a flow between Qmax = 1693 m3 / h and Qmin = 423.25 m3 / h, adapting to the real consumption needs at all times, preventing working in vacuum to the greatest degree possible and achieving greater energy savings.

The optimisation also included the installation of a centralised control of all peripherals, the installation of a flow meter with data on the screen, the calculation of instantaneous and accumulated efficiency and the calculation of savings obtained between a basic system 0-100% and 0 -50-100%.






Installed equipment :


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