Optimising our customers` resources and ensuring increased work efficiency are key aspects that are ingrained in Haizea’s philosophy, allowing us to offer you a professional ABC compressor retrofit service.

Our ABC compressor refurbishment service allows us to extend the life of our customers` facilities, adapting them to their needs at any time. Our knowledge of ABC compressors is key when considering customized retrofit solutions.

We are experts in ABC compressor renewal and allow you to avail of our knowledge and experience to improve the efficiency of your company`s resources.

Retrofit or reconditioning of ABC compressors
Retrofit or reconditioning of ABC compressors
Compressor 4HA-6-TER-LT


Haizea has a catalogue of ABC second-hand compressors as an economic alternative for your company`s facilities. All second-hand ABC compressors on sale have been overhauled by our team of experts to ensure optimum performance.

Please ask us about the options available to you if you are looking for ABC compressor sales experts.