We sell a wide range of Friulair brand dryers. The versatility of this range allows us to cover any drying system needs with a guarantee. Our team of experts can answer any questions you may have about it, helping you choose the best drying system option.

FCT dryers for HPP facilities
FCT dryers

A series designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere and that is a perfect system for applications with a compressed air flow of up to 147,200 l/min. (8,832 m3/h).

AMD dryers for HPP facilities
AMD dryers

These modular aluminium dryers are a technical solution with innovative results that have undergone laboratory testing. Excellent performance even under very unfavourable environmental conditions: very high inlet air temperatures and very low pressure drops in transit compressed air.

ACT Premium dryers for HPP facilities
ACT Premium dryers

They stand out for how they improve performance and reduce energy consumption, thanks to their ALU -DRY drying module and its high efficiency, as well as the limited pressure drop, even during extreme load conditions.

ACT dryers Energy saving for HPP facilities
ACT dryers Energy saving

This newer version from the ACT series has been designed as an energy-saving dryer. Building on the construction of the ACT series, it combines innovative solutions that optimise electricity consumption.

HDT Absorption dryers for HPP facilities
HDT Absorption dryers

This type of absorption dryer can guarantee a dew point of up to -70°C A perfect solution for applications in electronics, the food industry and pharmaceuticals to name a few.

PLH high-pressure dryers for HPP facilities
PLH high-pressure dryers

A range of dryers for high-pressure compressed air systems up to 50 bars. The simple and ergonomic design of these dryers ensures excellent performance, guaranteeing the dew point and a very limited pressure drop.

AMH high temperature dryers for HPP facilities
AMH high temperature dryers

A series with the dryer and the final coolant built into one unit. Its compact design allows this series to be environmentally friendly using environmentally friendly coolants and a selection of recyclable materials for its construction.

AHT superior high temperature dryers for HPP facilities
AHT superior high temperature dryers

A series that includes a final coolant, pre-filter and dryer in the same unit. It has a vertical design and continues to work perfectly under extreme conditions of up to 50°C room temperature and 100°C at the entrance.

PCD Low temperature dryers for HPP facilities
PCD Low temperature dryers

This type of dryer is designed for sectors where compressed air temperature equal to dew point is required, such as the plastic moulding industry or the food industry.