Our complete dedication to the sector for over 30 years is one of the keys to our growth as a leading company in professional compressor and air installation solutions.

Apart from being official Worthington and Gardner Denver distributors, Haizea is also working on maintenance and spare parts for ABC and other brands of compressors. We are specialists in all types of high-pressure facilities, customising our service to the needs of your company at all times.

Decades of experience working with ABC brand compressors are the best guarantee of quality in our maintenance service (*). In-depth technical knowledge of the features and operation of ABC compressors makes us market leaders in these types of highly specialised services with a fully customised service based on your needs.

We study each case to provide you with ABC and other brand compressor maintenance customised to your company’s needs. Our maintenance work covers every aspect necessary to maintain the correct operation of ABC and other brand compressors, as well as doing so in a very competitive manner.

The repair and overhaul of ABC brand compressors is another service we offer our customers. Our expert team`s knowledge and years of experience in the maintenance of these types of compressors is fundamental for understanding the solvency and capacity of our technical service.

We also offer a specialised spare parts supply for ABC brand compressors, as well as ABC second-hand compressors and a special ABC retrofit compressor service to try to extend and improve the useful life of your facilities.

A significant part of our project is dedicated to industrial energy saving, offering a specialised energy consumption audit and study service for companies, as well as air quality certifications.

(*) Not belonging to the company`s actual network and brand technical assistance service.

Haizea - Compressor technology and industrial refrigeration

At Haizea, we only work with cutting-edge resources and top-class qualified experts due to our commitment to innovation and development.

Haizea - Compressor technology and industrial refrigeration