Compresores de pistón: Aire Respirable

Gardner Denver es una referencia mundial en aire respirable.

Los profesionales como bomberos, submarinistas, militares de elite utilizan aire comprimido a alta presión (400 Bares) por nuestros equipos para poder desarrollar su increíble labor de ayuda al resto de nosotros.

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For over 50 years Gardner Denver has been the breathing air system supplier to fire and safety, recreational and professional divers, marine, offshore and defence industries across the globe.

Its reputation for safety, reliability, quality and service is recognised as its most valuable asset by safety professionals and divers who accept nothing less than total dependability.

With breathing air systems installed throughout the world, Gardner Denver’s equipment combines leading technology and unsurpassed engineering excellence to deliver high quality breathing air you can rely on.

The Gardner Denver range of high pressure breathing air sets have earned their merits based on decades of performance in the breathing air market. Gardner Denver breathing air systems are designed, manufactured, tested and serviced to provide you with countless hours of continuous operation.

With internationally recognised quality certification and unrivalled focus on engineering excellence, Gardner Denver ensures a class-leading application.

The Gardner Denver range combines the latest technology, super silent running and efficient performance, together with simplicity of use.



Gardner Denver’s Reavell compressors are fast becoming the industry standard for specialist breathing air applications, such as Heliox.

Renowned for reliability and long operational life, Reavell units provide high quality compression on demand, even in the most arduous situations.

Designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest international standards, Reavell Heliox compressors are robust 4 stage water cooled compressors, complemented with a compact design that provides one of the smallest footprints on the market for comparable compressors.

Reavell Heliox compressors can be supplied as standalone compressors for use in existing installations or as a bespoke package designed to meet specific customer requirements. The compressors are suitable for transfer, reclaim or dedicated breathing air duty and have been designed to meet all major worldwide survey and certification requirements.